The Family Behind the Brand

Momentum’s founder and creator, Shelley, has had all three of her daughters in competitive gymnastics over the years. Together with Husband, Tony, their daughters started taking gymnastics classes when they were just 2 years old, and they each worked their way through the recreational classes then progressed into the competitive programme.

discipline and commitment

Shelley says that the discipline and commitment the girls have towards their sport is amazing. There’s no way they could train as many hours as they do without absolutely loving it.

Over the years, Shelley just found one thing a bit of a problem. It was difficult to find beautiful, well fitting, and affordable training and competition leotards of great quality here in New Zealand.

As the other gym mums had the same problem, Shelley decided to start designing them herself and have them professionally made.

the leotard dream that evolved

Involving the girls in the process

She started with the design of a leotard for their local gymnastics club, then spent a long time finding the right manufacturer and supplier. It had to be a top quality, at an affordable price point.

Once she had that first leotard made, the dream just evolved. She made sure to involve the girls in the process, by asking if they liked the pattern, or what colour they would like to wear. This grew into the first collection of leotards by Momentum Activewear.

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