Botany Blue | Short Sleeved Leotard


Our Botany Blue Leotard is a stunning fusion of elegance and artistic expression. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this leotard showcases a captivating blend of navy, turquoise, and gold.

The bodice of this exquisite leotard features a seamless transition from sub-laminated lycra in a vibrant turquoise and gold ink design on the top, to a rich navy lycra on the bottom. To further enhance its beauty, the Botany Blue Leotard is adorned with a striking gold and white appliqué and three rows of sparkling rhinestones. This delicate trim delicately accentuates the contours of the bodice, creating an eye-catching contrast against the backdrop of colours.

With its lower open back and criss cross straps, this leotard offers a touch of sophistication and elegance. The carefully designed straps not only provide a secure fit but also create a visually stunning detail that complements the overall aesthetics of the leotard.

The creative genius behind the captivating print of this leotard is New Zealand born artist, Jen Chalken, who currently a resides in Singapore. Her artistic vision and attention to detail make it a truly unique and exclusive piece. Why name it 'Botany'? It was the name of our Kindergarten, we've been friends ever since!! 

Matching print scrunchie included.
80% Nylon 20% spandex
Additional Gold scrunchie available