US Glove Ladies Elite Hook and Loop | Grips

$80.49 $114.99

  • Made from our most durable leather, the Elite Series line of grips feature a curved, wide palm piece and hollow dowel affixed with a 60 lb. test monofilament line.
  • Featuring a wide palm piece with a slight curvature, the Elite Series grip is designed to provide the utmost in lasting protection.
  • The plastic dowel affixed with monofilament line is a convenient feature for gymnasts who love to use a grip brush. There is no stitching for the dowel to worry about accidentally brushing!
  • The Elite Series grip is a sturdy grip and is created for an advanced athlete who devotes a significant amount of time to training on the uneven bars.
  • Ideal for Optional through Elite level gymnasts who wear through other grips quickly and athletes weighing over 100 lbs.